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MINI Recharge

A competition brief given by Droga5. We were challenged to launch to new MINI Electric through MINI's 4 departments, fashion, urban-x, living, A/D/O creative hub. The concept came from the MINI Electric keeping the original shape but with the power of electric, so we thought to take the idea of bringing life back to places, ideas and people. A/D/O Creative Hub will take over an abandoned building in London bringing life back to it by getting creatives to turn it into a one week beer yoga class for other creatives to de-stress and recharge. Mini fashion will be taking over an abandoned underground station in London to host a fashion show and will be bringing Mary Quant out of retirement to design the clothing for the show. Mini Living will take over abandoned and unused areas of London and have pop up luxury hostels for the young creatives visiting. Urban-X gives failed startups a second chance at funding and success.


Project partner Hayden Shields


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